As its name indicates, the game has some origins in the Caribbean. On some platforms, the game is known as CyberStud Poker, Five Card Poker, or the Caribbean stud poker. What's more, you'll use 52 cards when playing it. The poker game is found on the standard five-card stud rules as you will find out at . Perhaps, the game is popular due to its side bets.


How to be a Caribbean Stud Expert

It is a fact that online poker fun is here to stay. Millions of gamblers worldwide play online poker. The best thing about this game is that you don't need to have exceptional skills to win the games, particularly when playing against the dealer. Playing the game for real money combines the thrill of winning against the house and the fun of making some good money.

Can you imagine that you can place a stake for as low as one euro or one dollar in an online casino? Yes, and that's lower than what you've to pay in an offline casino. Now, if you want to become a specialist at this game, you need to always fold any card that's not a King or Ace. Having anything less makes the dealer have an upper hand.

The other thing is that you don't necessarily need to surrender whenever your hand seems quite beatable. In such a case, walk away from the bet. Also, ensure you always use a pair when playing hands. Doing this assures you a hand with some clout. However, you should only raise when you have a pair. Lastly, it's fairly impossible to become a pro in the Caribbean Stud without finding a progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Stud Strategy

A game containing two bets may seem fairly complicated, particularly where only a single card is exposed and you're facing off against a dealer. If you are gambling on multiple betting types, you can significantly lower the house's edge by up to 2.3% provided you adhere to a given strategy whenever you're holding a King or Ace. Here is what you need to always remember.

  • Make a call if you have A, K, Q or A, K, J and the dealer has a King or an Ace or shows 2 all through to 5

Lastly, since the dealer needs to qualify with a particular type of hand to win, you only need to fold when you have a pair. You may lose your first bet by folding, but you have got higher winning chances when having a low hand. Remember that it's typical for the dealer's hand to fail to qualify. So, as you place your bets, always hope for the best!